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Rocky Mountain National Park - Guide

Getting to the trail: You will want to follow Bear Lake trail all the way down to the parking lot. This will be a couple miles. Don't fret you are going the right way as long as you’re on bear lake rd. Once you get into the parking lot you will park and head up to Bear Lake trail. You will hike up on an incline of stairs for about 30 minutes and then you will hit your first lake which is Dream Lame. About 15 minutes passed Dream Lake is Lake Haiyaha. The waters are crystal clear blue so it’s definitely worth the extra hike. & Make sure to take pictures! Make sure to bring water and a jacket. Its much chillier up there even during the fall. In October it’s about 32-40 degrees in the mountains and it snows often. Also make sure to get back before dawn before wildlife is everywhere. There will be park rangers providing this reminder. Heed the reminder because it is pitch black at night.

Pro tip #1: There’s a scenic overlook you will not want to miss about 5-10 minutes before you get to Dream Lake. I was completely awestruck by the view. Take some time to enjoy and bask in the beauty of our world.

Pro tip #2: Make sure your airbnb or hotel is close to the trail you are hiking. If the road that leads to the other side of mountain is closed due to maintenance, snow, or off duty workers then you will have to drive completely around. Its a few hours so don’t make this mistake!

Pro tip#3: Try to visit during a week day instead of the weekend. The weather is usually better and crowding is much lower. The most important factor though is that a lot of parks are still requiring parks passes to regulate due to covid and it will slow down your entrance into the park by about 30-45 minutes. Plan ahead!

Pro tip#4 The weather is completely different in Rocky Mountain National Park than Denver. It could be 82 degrees in Denver and 34 degrees in the mountains. Estes Park is the closest weather map to the national park so utilize that.

Pro tip#5 Absolutely make sure to have a four wheel drive vehicle in the mountains. When we arrived in the mountains it was 50 degrees and clear skies. When we left it was 32 and snowing and icy… and we were on switchbacks all the way home. Make sure to have chains in your car if you insist on going into snow so you don’t get stuck. It’s extremely dangerous and yes people do die when they don’t understand this.


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