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How to Pack for a Trip

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

How to pack the organized way!

My love for travel and years of packing experience have honed my packing skills to a mastery level. Through my experience, I've learned to avoid common packing mistakes and now share practical tips to help others have stress free and enjoyable vacations.

Let's take a look at my 5 most essential packing tips.

Tip #1 - A toiletry bag!

A toiletry bag is the most essential travel carryon you must have. In this bag you're able to organize your makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, supplements, and so much more all within this one bag. You can hang it up in a bathroom while you do your makeup and then once you're done with your trip you can just zip everything up and throw it in your carryon! I am thrilled to say I didn't have any leaks or breaks so even after flying 700 miles everything is exactly intact.

Tip #2 - Liquid Containers

In addition to the toiletry bag I recently purchased travel containers that includes four bottles. I put my lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste in each tube and plopped it into the toiletry bag. It was perfect because the bag has four sections designed specifically for containers like these. I just zipped it up and the bottles were sealed perfectly for the entire trip. They are also TSA approved so you don't need to worry about any issues at the airport. I also recently bought a pouch sleeve for my makeup brushes which really protected them from potential makeup spills and kept my bag organized and clean.

Tip #3 - Packing Organizers

Okay so I did have one mishap using the organizer bag. Unfortunately I left the lid off of my liquid bronzer and it got all over one of the pockets within the storage bag but that was my fault for not putting it in a protective sleeve. Either way nothing was damaged and the only thing I had to do was wipe down the plastic pocket the foundation was in. Thankfully it only touched the plastic and not the cloth of the toiletry bag. It could have been a lot worse and I was shocked that that was the only thing that happened after two flights and 7 hour layover. Definitely another reason to have additional protective sleeves for foundation but either way I am seriously impressed with how well the toiletry bag held up.

Tip #4 - Backpack/Rolling your clothes

If you have an entire closet of clothes and love to bring it all but don't want to pay extra for a carryon bring a backpack while maximizing your space. Airports will never charge you for a backpack because it will fit underneath your seat but the challenge is bringing all of your essential closet favorites. Rolling your t-shirts, pants, unmentionables, and jammies is a great space saver. My backpack has about 7 compartments and with rolling I only need about half the space my backpack offers. If I don't roll it can be a snug fit. Just keep in mind you'll need to reroll everything and fit everything back in.

Recap -

So just remember toiletry bag, organizing sleeves, liquid containers, a backpack, and rolling your closet essentials. You cant go wrong with these organizing hacks. It seems fickle when thinking about buying these items. Like hmm why should I do that? Its just a bag... I can just use a ziplock bag (which yes i've done that). But let me tell you having everything in one compartment bag, sealed in liquid containers, extra protective seals within the compartment bag, and makeup brush organizers will revolutionize how you travel. I was skeptical at first but wow did it make my life easier. Having ALL of my toiletry and makeup in ONE designated spots consolidated the entire process and made it quick and easy. I even got one extra hour of sleep before my trip because of it. Im just saying that's a win and a win!


If you'd like to check out my essentials I have a link provided for each essential I purchased that made my life ten times easier while traveling. My #1 tip and must have track hack is by far the toiletry travel compartment bag. I promise you you will not regret it. This has been biggest game changer in travel history for me by far.


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